Great hidden features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a powerful workhorse of a smartphone that is made for business and creative professionals.

Its signature feature, the S Pen, enables several useful functions – from basic note-taking to remotely controlling applications over Bluetooth.

(You can watch our video on all the great features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen for a summary.)

However, there are also many great tools included on the Note 9 which, while they may be enabled or enhanced by the S Pen, aren’t features of the stylus itself.

Pinning notes

One useful tool allows users to pin notes in various places after you have created them.

Screen Off Memo notes created while the display is still locked may be pinned to the Always On Display of the Galaxy Note 9, so they are available at a glance.

You can also pin notes to a home screen, after which you may adjust their sizes and levels of transparency.

Smart Select

Smart Select is one of the tools included by default in the Air command menu, allowing you to capture a region of the screen, draw on it, and send it to your contacts through any messaging app that supports image file transfers.

You may also take a screenshot of the entire display rather than just a rectangular region.

Besides taking screenshots, Smart Select also allows you to record 15-second animated GIFs within a specific area of the screen. This may be used to record quick tutorials, capture website and app behaviour, or just make a fun clip to send to friends and family.

AR emojis

Another fun feature included in the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is augmented reality emojis. These are created by applying filters to images or videos of your face, much like those Instagram and Snapchat offer, or by recognising your facial expressions and animating them on cartoon characters.

AR Emoji is embedded in the Samsung camera app, and three animated characters are included by default.

You may download additional characters from the Galaxy Apps marketplace, including popular Disney characters such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, as well as the heroes from Frozen.