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Devographic interview videocast with premium Alternative Rock outfit 3’s and 7’s

May 7th, 2020

David Devo Oosthuizen from Devographic had the opportunity to chat to the premium Alternative Rock outfit from Johannesburg, South Africa called 3’s and 7’s.

Described as an eclectic mix of 70s Classic Rock and 80s/90s Alternative Rock with some 2000s EMO. They are equally comfortable jamming small clubs or rocking larger stages with interest in their tracks spanning to Australian Charts already.

3’s and 7’s LINEUP

Murray Blamey (Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar)

Matt Nijland (Lead Guitar)

Lorenzo Germani (Drums)

Alex Olivier (Bass & Backing Vocals)

Catch the interview below


3’s and 7’s Bio:

The origins of the band date back to April 2018, when Matt Nijland had then-recently quit his role as lead guitarist for his former band Stasis and expressed interest in forming a new alternative rock band with a new friend that he met two months prior at WITS University, Murray Blamey.

At this time, the pair had spent the past two months jamming together for fun on the campus lawns, with Matt on guitar and Murray singing, and they had already started writing songs together. To fill in the rhythm section, Matt approached bassist Mitch Cuthbertson and drummer Joshua De Klerk, who had previously played together in the then-recently disbanded Lament of the Wolfman.

On 18 June 2018, the original four-piece line-up of the band was born, but they were not yet known as 3’s and 7’s

The four began jamming a few cover songs together to find their feet as a band – “3’s & 7’s” by Queens of the Stone Age, “My Hero” by Foo Fighters, “Northern Downpour” by Panic! At the Disco, and “Now I’m Here” by Queen.

In July, a mutual friend of the band asked them to come play a gig with them, but the band did not yet have a name. After deliberating what to call the band, they eventually settled on the name 3’s and 7’s, named after the Queens of the Stone Age song they were covering, as it had a catchy and original ring and feel to it.

After the gig, Joshua quit the band due to work commitments, but Matt, Murray and Mitch decided to continue the band and seek out a new drummer.

A week before that fateful gig, Matt had coincidentally met Lorenzo Germani, a self-taught drummer for 8 years, at a house party through a mutual friend.

The two got chatting about music and traded numbers, and upon Joshua quitting the band, Matt asked Lorenzo to come audition for 3’s and 7’s as the new drummer. Impressed by his self-taught ability and hard-hitting and speedy playing, he was hired by the band in October after 3 auditions.

At the same time the band was auditioning Lorenzo, Matt and Murray decided to approach Adrian Schober, a schoolmate of Murray’s who Matt met at WITS the same time he met Murray, to audition for the band as a second lead vocalist.

The idea of a second lead vocalist stemmed from the fact that Murray and Adrian both sang in the choir together in high school, and thus had a very good musical chemistry and understood how to harmonize with each other.

The idea of having dual-lead vocalists in an alternative rock band was a very refreshing and exciting idea, and Adrian underwent 3 auditions alongside Lorenzo and was also hired in October. The second incarnation of 3’s and 7’s as a five-piece was solidified.

The band began to rehearse very hard and write original songs together, the first two being “Free Entities” and “Stars” respectively. The band decided to showcase these songs and their unique style as a band on The Couch Sessions SA in February 2019, which aired on YouTube on The Couch Sessions SA channel.

The band began to play more gigs around Johannesburg and Centurion at the popular live venues and began forming very good relationships with other new bands on the scene such as Indie Dog, Club of Suns and Jungle of Mischief – to name a few of many.

Throughout the year, the band’s social media presence and notoriety on the scene began to grow immensely, becoming a popular live act in the local venues they usually played.

The band released their two live song performances on The Couch Sessions SA on SpotifyApple MusicDeezer etc. and continued to write more exciting original music – songs such as “Synesthesia”, “Subliminal Skies” and “Shine”.

The band also began to get its music played on multiple radio stations. Duzzy Clayton of SME Fusion Radio approached the band to have their songs played regularly on his show. In May, the band were also interviewed and had “Stars” played on air by Richard Chemaly of Kovsie 97.0 FM, which also helped boost the band’s notoriety outside of Johannesburg.

On 21 September, the band played on the bill of Oakfest 2019 to really positive reception, alongside hot new local bands such as Smokey Mercle, The Hound Dogs and CMR – to name a few.

By the end of the year, the band had played most of the popular live music venues in and around Johannesburg, and ended off the year with an impassioned and exciting performance at the 2019 Battle of the Bands at Platteland in November – and were very enthusiastically and positively received by judges Baas de Beer, Kerry-anne Allerston, Henry Engelbrecht, Johan Auriacombe and Rudi Oosthuizen.

The band have since been regularly followed by the judges as fans of the band due to their tight and enthusiastic performance at the Battle. That same month, the band were also interviewed and had their music played live on air by Kerry-anne Allerston of Mix 93.8 FM on her show The Hangout.

In January 2020, the band were featured for a second time on Mix 93.8 FM when they were interviewed by Thabo Magubane on his show the #BreakfastCrunch and had their music played live on air. On 15 February 2020, the band recorded audio and video footage of an entire gig at Railways Café and released the songs in the form of two live EPs.

The first EP consists of five original songs (“Synesthesia”, “Subliminal Skies”, “Azure Eyes”, “I’m Done” and “Free Entities” – with “Azure Eyes” and “I’m Done” being very newly written and performed live for the second time ever, to very positive reception).

This EP has been released on Bandcamp and SoundCloud under the title, “Life Amongst the Stars: Live at Railways Café”. The second EP consists of four cover songs (“My Hero” by Foo Fighters, “Under Pressure” by Queen and David Bowie, “Otherside” by Red Hot Chili Peppers and “Now I’m Here” by Queen).

This EP has been released on SoundCloud under the title, “Covers”. The video footage of the band performing all nine of these songs is available for streaming on the 3’s and 7’s official YouTube channel.

On 12 March 2020, the band were featured for a third time on Mix 93.8 FM when they were interviewed by Michael Tymvios on The Rock Roadhouse on The RockFest and had their music played live on air.

On 17 March, the band announced that Mitch and Adrian were unfortunately quitting the band for personal reasons. Matt, Murray and Lorenzo are very keen on continuing the band, and have since recruited Alex Olivier of the band Up Your Sleeve as the band’s new bassist.

The band are now a four-piece again and have reverted to Murray being the sole lead vocalist of the band. However, despite the major change in sound, 3’s and 7’s is determined and excited about the new and refreshing musical direction, and will be reworking their current original songs to suit one lead vocalist, as well as writing and performing brand new original music!

The band also have big plans for 2020, including recording their debut studio EP, playing local festivals, and touring around South Africa.

On 22 March, the band’s song “Synesthesia” charted at #5 on the Banks Radio Australia’s weekly Top 15 chart. This is not only the first time that the band charted on a radio chart, but also the first time that the band charted on a foreign radio chart.

On 29 March, the band appeared for a second time on the Mix 93.8 FM #BreakfastCrunch with Thabo Magubane, chatting about how they were dealing with the COVID-19 national lockdown in South Africa at the time, as well as officially announcing Alex as a member of the band and showcased some brand new music.

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Sibaya Community Trust invests R4,5 million in fight against COVID-19

April 29th, 2020

At a small, ceremonial handover on Friday, 24 April attended by Premier Sihle Zikalala and the MEC for health Nomagugu Simelane-Zulu, the Sibaya Community Trust donated 300 000 masks valued at R4,5-million to the KwaZulu-Natal Government.

Chairman of the Sibaya Community Trust, Vivian Reddy said the donation will help to address the need for masks, particularly in impoverished areas.

“Research has shown that wearing masks could help to curb the transmission of Coronavirus. When we heard there was a shortage, we felt that we needed to step in,” he said.

Reddy confirmed that the Trust has provided the masks to the Provincial Government which would distribute them amongst residents of informal communities and frontline workers, including nurses, doctors, clinic and community workers.

He also had messages for members of the public as well as frontline workers.

“I must say a big thank you to essential and frontline workers. You have been doing a sterling job and I hope the gear we are providing will bring you some peace of mind.

“Secondly, I would like to remind members of the public that each of us only has one life and we should look after it. Please practice social distancing and only leave home for essential purposes,” he said.

This initiative follows shortly on the Vivian Reddy Foundation’s donation of R700 000 worth of disposal nappies and R2,5m worth of sanitary pads to the Provincial Government, at the commencement of the Covid-19 lockdown.

For more information visit

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One Voice is doing it again! This time with a brilliant cover of the popular Jonas Brothers!

February 21st, 2020

Popular local female pop group, One Voice has a knack for taking an existing song and transforming into something that music lovers adore.  During December 2019 they surprised fans with their own rendition of the Little Mix hit, Secret Love Song and instantly got thousands of views.

Now they are going to blow their fans away with their rendition of the popular Jonas Brothers hit, SUCKER, which is also one of the tracks on their self-titled debut album and is already a huge favourite during their live shows. That is why they have decided that it is time to share this vibey single and music video with the rest of the country!

The music video, filmed on location by Shaun and Madeleine McCreanor of McCrea Media at Ons Eerste Volksbank on Church Square in Pretoria, builds on the exciting feeling of being in love.

“With this video, we wanted to make each viewer feel like they are the person that we are in love with. That is why we made eye contact and sung directly into the camera,” they explain.

“Everything was kept simple and the focus was placed on emotion, rather than background. An old wooden door with panelling behind us did, however, help to create a feeling of nostalgia.”

“The song tells the story of someone who is helplessly in love. The person is determined to spend his life with his soul mate, despite her imperfections,” explains the girls about the meaning behind one of their favourite pop songs.

“We expect that when people hear our version they will be pleasantly surprised, as we have taken a familiar song and created our own unique version of it. In our rendition, we also present the message from a female perspective and it makes a big difference.”

About the success of their previous music video release, Secret Love Song, which was very well received they say. “This is our favourite song by Little Mix and we are very pleased with the feedback we have received so far. We are also very proud that the video reached more than a thousand people in within 24 hours.”

Droomplaneet, their first single, did equally well and can still be heard on the radio.

They are currently working on original music for their next album and planning concerts and performances for the rest of the year. “We would also like to start giving back to the community this year. Fans can follow us on social media to see what new and exciting things we have in store,” the girls share excitedly.

One Voice is a fresh breeze in the South African music industry and with songs like SUCKER, they prove that they have what it takes to impress audiences both locally and abroad.

This song is available on their debut album HERE







Ashlinn Gray celebrates ‘self love’ in her new power single ‘Best Friend

February 17th, 2020

It’s been a year and a half since Ashlinn Gray moved to the States and began hustling the streets of LA. From performing at Hotel Cafe to the Viper Room, rated as some of the best venues to catch the top up and coming artists, she has found her way in a city that is full of broken dreams.

Her new single ‘Best Friend’, is about learning to love oneself in times when you don’t really feel like it.

Celebrating self love and compassion, Ashlinn Gray shows a new found maturity and richness in her music that’s bound to capture her audience’s attention. Mixed with catchy beats and sing-a-long choruses, there’s no doubt this song is meant for radio.

Listen on Spotify below or follow link for other platforms HERE

She explains, “I started off wanting to write this song about losing a best friend. Through the process of writing it, I realised that in order to have or be a best friend, you have to be your own bestie.

Self love is often over looked and sometimes loving your self is the answer to your problems. Somehow we learn insecurity and our confidence is lost when we should be proud of who we are and our story.”

She continues, “We’ve all thought at some point ‘everybody sucks but me’ and I wanted to celebrate loving who you are for every flaw and imperfection. We need to be kinder to ourselves.”

Always building resilience in the face of adversity, she has experienced tremendous growth both musically and emotionally, and to our benefit, she often penned these emotions into songs.

After her last single ‘STFU’ and collaboration on ‘Resurrection’ with Luke Gawne, Ashlinn plans to release a new song every two months in this year. Ashlinn can’t wait to share the music she has been brewing up in Los Angeles.

Ashlinn Gray starts 2020 off with her new song “Best Friend” which was released on Valentines Day— the perfect day to celebrate #SELFLOVE.

She will also be participating in this season of American Idol.

Stream the track hereBest Friend – Single – Ashlinn Gray

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